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August 28, 2019, No comments

It’s mesmerizing to see how differently dogs and cats drink water. An experiment posted on Reddit show dogs slurp while cats sip. A bird also appears. Commentator The NerdyMupton noticed: […]

Melting sea ice in Greenland leaves sled dog walking on water

June 19, 2019, No comments

This was no ordinary trek to retrieve meteorological equipment and oceanic moorings from a remote weather station in northwest Greenland. Steffen Olse ...

Rewards for learning mask how smart animals really are, study finds

May 15, 2019, No comments

Using rewards to show how rodents and ferrets learn are actually masking the true knowledge that these animals have, researchers at Johns Hopkins Univ ...

Fish Friday: Marine heatwave killing critters as scientists record underwater temperatures

August 17, 2018, No comments

It’s been a record-breaking summer for many parts of the world and the oceans are also feeling the heat. Off the coast of San Diego, scientist r ...