Calgary woman killed in Mexico after whale-watching boat collided with whale

The videos and photographs people have managed to get on whale watching tours are astounding.

But accidents have happened in the past. Remember this story from last year when a Mexican tour boat collided with a whale, injuring four of the passengers?

Now a Calgary woman has been identified as the victim after she was killed and two other tourists were injured when a surfacing whale crashed into their boat.

The boat was carrying nine tourists on a snorkel tour near the beach resort of Cabo San Lucas when the collision occurred. The victim was submerged in the water after the boat was hit.

She was moved back onto the boat and the Mexican navy took the tourist to shore. She was taken to a clinic and died during treatment.

Despite reports that the whale involved in the incident was a grey whale, that information isn’t correct, Anna Madrigal a marine biologist in the area told the Calgary Herald.

She said the whale was a humpback.

Enforcement of whale watching regulations, such as ensuring there is appropriate space between a boat and a whale, is key to ensuring safe practice of this activity, Madrigal said.

Mexico has laws to this effect and there are also international whale watching guidelines that most boats follow.

“Generally, it (whale watching) is safe,” but it’s essential that those leading these expeditions have training and experience in the field of marine biology.

h/t: Calgary Herald 

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