Is this dog trying to save fishes or burying the smell of dead fishes?

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Here’s your chance to weigh  in with your thoughts.

There’s discussion in the CritterNet about whether this dog from Thailand, a mix with some lab/some Shepherd it looks like thrown in, is trying to save fishes that he encounters on the street.

The dog is sniffing the fish and it appears he is trying to use his nose to get water on them. doghide fishes2

When the video first appeared on Youtube a few days ago, the CritterNet went “Awwww.”

The general consensus originally was “Look what we can learn from animals. The dog was trying to save the life of fishes.”

doghidesfishesAfter a few more viewings, the skeptics weighed in.

They point out that the dog is trying to bury the smell of the dead fishes or hide their scent with water so he can eat them himself.

What do you think?



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