Tom Hardy reads a children’s bedtime story and the internet swoons. (Oh, his dog is there, too.)

We’re used to seeing Tom Hardy play the rogue, the villain and all-around bad guy.

But now the British actor is up to something completely different. The BBC has the action star, who starred in Inception, Mad Max: Fury Road ( we would watch Mad Max: Furry Road) and Black Hawk Down, read a children’s bedtime story.

His dog, Woody, is snuggled up nearby.

And, is proclaimed the actor’s “best friend” as he gives Woody some love pats.

The teaser was posted before the Valentine’s Day of the actor reading of The Cloudspotter by Tom McLaughlin shows Hardy gently chastising grownup for not yet being in bed and saying, “Quick! Go on. Get yourself tucked up.”


Don’t worry if you missed it. You can still watch it here. (If you’re in the U.K.) Sweet dreams.

The Twitters reviews, were, well, squee.

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