Watch a serval easily jump 10 feet in the air to slap a GoPro

Servals are often called the Stilts on the Savannah. They have the longest legs compared to its body of any cat and those long legs help them stand still and tall scanning over high grasses.

They catch their prey by leaping into the air and can go so high that they capture birds in flight.

The serval rotates it huge ears to pinpoint the location of a faint rustling in the grass.

Flushing a flock of birds into flight, the serval can leap several feet into the air, twisting and turning in a sort of aerial ballet as it bats birds to the ground with its paws.

A seven year old serval at the Cincinnati Zoo demonstrated just how high he can leap. Using a GoPro attached to the a yellow ball, the acrobatic cat leaped 10 feet into the air to bat the ball.

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