Wednesday Zen Moment: Grizzly bear feasting blissfully on moose caught on video

You expect to see some wildlife in Alberta’s Rocky Mountains.

But not like this.

The Canadian band, The Standstills, were driving north of Jasper National Park this week when they spotted a grizzly bear eating the carcass of a moose. Gorging, really.

What could be more Canadian?

They posted a video of the rare sighting on their Facebook page. And, for a bear on a snowy day in October, this is truly a zen moment.

Warning, some viewers may find the language offensive. But who could blame singer Jonny Fox and drummer Renee Couture?

The bear even glowers at them a little bit as if to say, move along.


If it makes you feel better, they also spotted live moose on their road trip.

Photos The Standstills/Facebook

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