What does it take to get 250,000 Instagram followers? Be a cross-eyed adorable cat named Belarus

Wonky-faced pets are Instagram famous and one cross-eyed cat name Belarus is taking that fame to a new level by raising money for other critters.

Belarus has 257,000 followers on Instagram and official merchandise. The cat was adopted from San Francisco Animal Care & Control where he was given his noble name. His condition strabismus prevents him from aligning his eyes but he is apparently not in any pain and is not blind.

Through his merchandise page and donation page, Belarus has raised thousands of dollars for the shelter and other animal groups.

Belarus’ owner Rachel Krall has said that the profits from the merchandise sales help shelters, including $6,000 for the SFACC and $1,000 to two other animal groups. Krall claims to have donated 100% of proceeds.

Posts by Belarus, doing cat things like lounging on the sofa, regularly gets as many as 10,000 Likes. Last Sunday, a post of Belarus waiting for the Super Bowl to start earned 15,000 Likes.

Keep track of Belarus’ adventure on his Instagram page @My_Boy_Belarus.

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