When Squirrels Attack! They’re on a rampage in New York and packing knives in Toronto

We’ve heard of aggressive squirrels attacking New Yorkers.

That’s where residents of one Queens neighbourhood reported particularly nasty squirrels jumping from trees and biting passersby since late November.

Micheline Frederick told local ABC7 News she was attacked on Dec. 21.

“It just basically runs up my leg and I’m like OK squirrel, hello, what are you doing,” she told ABC. “He either bit or scratched me on my neck and then I must have reached over and next thing I know, it’s a cage match and I’m losing.”

At least five attacks have been reported, leaving a trail of blood everywhere.

But that might be nothing compared to squirrels in Toronto, where one was caught carrying a blade.

“So apparently knife wielding squirrels are a thing now,” Andrea Diamond posted on Twitter recently.

Diamond took the video in her backyard on Jan. 6.

She was actually more worried about the squirrel than what it could do to others.

“I randomly spotted this squirrel with the knife. I kept thinking it could hurt itself and run away but It kept coming back to it,” she tweeted.

It all seems a little bit nuts.

Main Photo: Andrea Diamond/Twitter

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