White skunk is truly wild, but for now the orphan’s at an animal sanctuary in Ohio

Just when you thought skunks couldn’t be any more cute.

This little stinker with some unusual markings came along.

Back To The Wild animal sanctuary in Castalia, Ohio is now taking care of an orphaned skunk which is almost entirely white. Yes, white.

“We have had everything from skunks with no stripes to skunks with thick, white stripes. However, this little girl is a first even for us!” the facility posted on Facebook.

The youngster also has white freckles and white down the sides of her legs.

“But don’t worry, that white won’t make her vulnerable to predators,” the sanctuary added. “A skunk’s flashy markings are their way to warn predators about their rather odorous defense.”

Eventually she, and the other young with her, will be returned to the wild.

Photo Back To The Wild/Facebook

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