All aboard? Red-winged Blackbird hops on Sandhill Crane train

Jocelyn Anderson certainly has a knack for capturing Red-winged Blackbirds at their most daring.

The Michigan-based photographer recently snapped an image of a blackbird seemingly riding atop at Sandhill Crane.

“A Sandhill Crane gets a Red-winged Blackbird escort through the marsh,” Anderson posted on social media over the weekend.

It prompted fan Bill Creteau to write: “How have you trained these RWB to do these tricks for you? Great!”

And LM Wong posted to her Facebook page, “You capture some of the zaniest moments!”

She really does.

You may recall Anderson’s other awesome Red-winged Blackbird photo she took last month of one snagging a lift from an osprey.

The Osprey looked like a witch on a broomstick while the blackbird drafted along behind perched on a branch.

Cheeky little bird appears to ride an osprey’s broomstick. Photo: Jocelyn Anderson

And so, it’s raising some questions. Are Red-winged Blackbirds that clever, lazy or is this the same bird?

“Same guy that hooky bobbed with the osprey?” Janet Wright wondered.

Either way, they sure do have guts.

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