Photographer captures image of blackbird hitching ride on “Osprey’s broomstick”

Jocelyn Anderson is an award-winning nature photographer who recently snapped a truly magical image of an Osprey and Blackbird high in the sky.

Anderson, who hails from southeastern Michigan and has a passion for birds, posted the photo on social media where, naturally, it’s really taking off.

Wild ride. Photo: Jocelyn Anderson/Facebook

“Red-winged Blackbird looking like it’s getting a free ride on an Osprey’s broomstick,” she wrote on Facebook. “The Blackbird was focused on driving the Osprey away from the marsh, while the Osprey was focused on bringing back a good stick for the nest.”

The image is getting a lot of love on Facebook. It is truly one-of-a-kind. And, Anderson is humbled by all the praise.

“Birds are so entertaining, they give me lots of good photo ops,” she wrote.

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