Baby squirrel survival story signals warning about sticky, glue traps

The folks at Newhouse Wildlife Rescue almost couldn’t believe this day would come.

But more than two months after a baby red squirrel was found perilously stuck to a glue trap, she was released back to the wild Monday.

“It took a lot of time, but she is fully healed,” the wildlife rehab facility in Chelmsford, Massachusetts posted on Facebook. “All of her hair has grown back and she is being released today to enjoy her second chance at the wonderful life she deserves!”

For a while, it was touch a go.

Back on May 24, the group went to work to save two baby red squirrels caught in glue traps.

The squirrels seemed to be hopelessly trapped. Photo: Newhouse Wildlife Rescue

Staff spent hours working to free them using flour and oil to try and work out the glue.

“We are only able to work on them a little at a time as they become very stressed and need a break,” the group said.

Miraculously, both survived the first night.

But one was in really rough shape and didn’t make it.

“It broke our hearts,” the facility explained. “The remaining little one is doing very well. Her energy and strength grow more every day. She is healthy enough to be transferred to another facility that has more red squirrels her age.”

The squirrel on the right did not survive the ordeal. Photo: Newhouse Wildlife Rescue

And over time, the sole survivor got stronger.

Then on Aug. 9, she was well enough to be set free. But it’s a survival story with an important message.

“If you have ever considered using glue traps….don’t,” the rescue group said. “They are cruel and frequently catch non targeted victims like squirrels, birds and pets.”

A remarkable before and after. Photo: Newhouse Wildlife Rescue

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