Camouflaged cats all the rage on Twitter

A Twitter account is gathering images around the world from people with their cleverly disguised cats.

The cats are found behind monitor screens, they’re lurking outside in gardens and in factories.

They also sometimes are found with other cats, fake ones and on bathtub mats.

The account on Twitter has almost 740,000 followers.

Another photo, showing a backyard has people across the internet scratching their heads, as there’s a cat perfectly camouflaged somewhere in the snap.

The photo with Ricky the cat there somewhere was taken by the owner Lee Oman to test his family.

Despite being assured there was a pet somewhere in the frame, numerous people were left scratching their heads, with the snap racking up more 6,600 likes since being posted last month.

“He’s not really a hider and I’m not sure he was intentionally doing so at the time.”

Oman said he and his family adopted the five-year-old cat just over a year ago.

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