“Crafty crow” caught under building netting successfully rescued in the UK

We all know crows are clever, but sometimes they can be too smart for their own good.

Recently, a curious juvenile crow found itself trapped under some netting in a B&Q Warehouse building in East Yorkshire, but a quick call to the RSPCA helped free the beleaguered bird.

“This morning’s rescue.. a crafty crow had managed to get into B&Q’s netting and couldn’t find its way out!” RSPCA animal rescue officer Hannah Williams explained in a social media post.

But animal welfare officers couldn’t do it alone. Humberside Fire and Rescue also pitched in with the effort to free the bird.

It also happened to be the hottest day of the year as the bird sweltered in the mid-July sun.

“Massive thanks to @HumbersideFire who removed a large part of the netting in hopes the little guy can return to its parents who have been waiting patiently!” Williams posted on Twitter.

After firefighters cut a big hole in the net, RSPCA said “mr. crow” escaped unharmed.

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