Deer shot with arrow finally rescued on Vancouver Island

Almost a week after it was first spotted with an arrow through its side on Vancouver Island, a deer was finally rescued.

The deer came to people’s attention on the Uplands Golf Course in Victoria last Thursday. Several people called the B.C. Conservation Officer Service about the poor deer, and then the hunt was on to save it.

A retired biologist, who lives in the area, also joined in the search.

And voila, they caught up with the deer in Oak Bay.

“CO’s safely sedated the deer and removed the arrow,” the conservation officer service said Wednesday. “The deer walked away soon after.”

The case is being investigated as a crime.

Hunting season for deer in the region ended Dec. 10. And, hunting in residential areas of greater Victoria is illegal.

Conservation officers are looking for tips to its report a poacher line at 1-877-952-7277.

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