Cigarettes kill. Puppy dies after eating an e-cig

Cigarettes should come with a warning: Don’t let your puppy eat one.

A 14-week-old Stratfordshire Bull Terrier called Ivy died after eating an electronic cigarette. She chewed on a bottle of nicotine-laced liquid which was used to fuel the vaporizer.

Ivy’s owner Keith Sutton began using e-cigareetes which don’t exhale smoke and Ivy became the first pet in Britain to be killed by an electronic cigarette.

Sutton, 56, bought the device in a bid to cut down on his tobacco habit.

Ivy started frothing at the mouth and vomiting as soon she began chewing on the bottle. Despite being given veterinarian care, Ivy died just hours later.

Keith said in an article in the Daily Mail that the vet gave Ivy does of steroids but it didn’t work.

He gave her an injection of steroids, then put her on a drip and promised to phone us every couple of hours through the night. They said the first 12 hours were critical and we received a call after 12 and a half hours saying she had passed away. Her lungs and heart had given up.’

Keith says he hopes e-cigarette manufacturers put better health warnings on its packages in hopes of preventing future deaths.

h/t: Euroweekly and Daily Mail 

Photo credit: SWNS News

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