Elephant family encounters GoPro and leaves behind one very slobbery camera

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Elephants may never forget, but viewers won’t forget this memorable video of a very curious elephant family.

The group, calf included, checks out – and tosses around – a GoPro in this wonderful elephant encounter posted on YouTube.

“Up close and personal just took on a whole new meaning with these big guys. It’s safe to assume these elephants will never forget their first encounter with a GoPro,” the company notes.

Seriously, look at this baby elephant making a beeline for the camera.


And this elephant trunk. Have you ever seen a trunk like this? As in this close up. It looks practically alien.


Watch and prepare to gush with glee. Try to ignore the vertigo inducing camera work.

Indeed, the video is creating smiles – and commentary – around the world.

“Fun fact,” wrote Jake Michael. “Elephant trunks are just built-in selfie sticks.”

Sure, but Darryl Gittins was quick to critique their cinematography. “One thing’s for sure: elephants make lousy photographers. They can’t even figure out that horizontal/vertical thing. I mean, how hard can that be?” he wrote.

And, someone named Jordans Journey probably summed it up best: “Screw Mountain biking and surfing!!mThis is what GoPro is meant for!!”

Photos GoPro/YouTube

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