File Under CHiPs: California police use Doritos to lure pig on the loose

Doritos may be For The Bold, but it turns out, they’re also for one very big pig.

Some ingenious officers with the San Bernadino County Sheriff’s Department used the hot and zesty chips to coax into custody a well-known hog that happened to be on the lam.

“Well if this doesn’t go on the list of unusual calls,” the department posted on social media Sunday.

“Highland Station received a call reference a pig ‘the size of a mini horse’ running around the neighborhood,” police explained. “Deputy Ponce and Deputy Berg found him and due to previous calls, knew where he lived. They lured him back home with Doritos one of our deputies had in her lunch bag.”

Talk about improvising.

This little piggy should have stayed home. San Bernadino County Sheriff’s Department/Facebook

Officers then took the old-follow-the-trail-of-breadcrumbs-trick to an amazing new level.

Which helped crack this case of the lost-then-found giant pig.

“We were able to put him back in and secure the gate,” Deputy Ponce said later. “It was fun!”

Police also posted an update. Because. So many questions.

For example: What kind of Doritos?!?!?!

“The Doritos used to lure the pig back were the Poppin Jalapeños,” police confirmed.

And what is the pig’s handle?

“We are unsure of the pig’s name, but our deputies affectionately nicknamed him ‘Smalls,'” police said.

California cops really do have the best stories — and they know it.

“Crime fighting to safely securing a mini horse size pig, we do it all!” the Sheriff’s Department added.

The case also has Super Bowl ad written all over it.

One pig that knows what’s good — or at least yummy — for it. San Bernadino County Sheriff’s Department/Facebook

Photos San Bernadino County Sheriff’s Department/Facebook

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