Hiker Stephanie Rivkin getting hate mail after posting encounter with bear

Hiker Stephanie Rivkin had an encounter with two bears, one of which put its mouth on her leg as she was walking.bearencounter2

Rivkin posted two videos of her encounter on Facebook, detailing just how close she came to the curious critters as she as walking on a trail at the Sessions Woods Wildlife Management area in Burlington, Connecticut last Friday.

“This is something I’ll never forget. Please god let me get back to my car,” she wrote in a post.

She posted two videos of her encounter on Facebook, detailing just how close she came to the curious creatures.

I got my son off to school and went for a hike. I had a scary yet magical encounter and now people are sending me hate messages and death threats. What a wonderful world. When your 15 min of fame come for no reason i hope you all can handle it. It’s like facing 500000 bears.with human faces..I’ll take the bear encounter any time over this. rant over .

Rivkin had received lots of comments from people accusing her of being in the bear’s territory. In the video, Rivkin appears calm and doesn’t do anything that could be seen as aggressive.

For all of the people who don’t know the whole story yet are posting ridiculous comments about me I will post the rest of the videos so you can see for yourself that I did nothing to antagonize or even approach the bears. I also had no bad intentions when I reported the Bears. And stated very clearly that I did not want any harm to come to the Bears. That part is beyond my control.

Good thing I survived two bears in the woods just to be eaten alive by a bunch of humans.

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  1. There is something very strange about that video. Why would you turn your back on an approaching bear and take a selfie? Also, was the audio muted on purpose? Yes, with her behaviour she did antagonize, even encouraged the bear. I think there is more to the story.

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