Holy, Shih Tzu this dog is cute!

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Munchkin the Shih Tzu is gaining quite a following on YouTube. Munchkin, age 3, is also a public figure on Facebook. Now, Twitter and of course, Instagram. You’d think this dog was Prince George or Royal baby bump #2. Seriously, every banal second of this 8-pound dog’s life is documented. But to be fair, the southern California dog is totally adorable. She’s also, most recently, in costume.

This is Munchkin dressed as a teddy bear. Eleven sections of living, breathing, walking stuffy.

This is Munchkin dressed as a teddy bear on a treadmill. That’s 30 seconds of a dog in a costume walking on a treadmill looking cute.

Okay, this is Munchkin in a baby swing. Fourteen seconds of a dog at the playground in a swing.

Then there’s this, Munchkin watching a video of Munchkin and howling.

But back to Munchkin as a stuffed animal.


By now, you may have a touch of Munchkin overload. But admit it: Saying Shih Tzu never gets old.

Photo Munchkin the Shih Tzu/Facebook

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