Homes found for 43 “adorable” pet rats abandoned at Montreal SPCA

It was a tall order, but the SPCA of Montreal has found families for 43 domestic rats left on its door stop earlier this month.

The rats were abandoned in two boxes more than a week ago, which left the organization looking for temporary or permanent care for the “adorable” pets.

“We are actively looking for foster families for these intelligent and sociable rodents,” the SPCA posted on social media last week. “Males are available for adoption now, while possibly pregnant females must be temporarily placed in foster care.”

The unusual plea for help caught fire.

“Wow! Thanks to your countless shares, we received more than enough adoption and foster requests for all 43 rats and 15 kittens,” the SPCA said.

And the SPCA told people the rats have gone to good homes.

“Thank you for worrying about these adorable rats. Rest assured that our adoption process is rigorous,” it added.

Whomever dumped the rats at the shelter has not been located.

When the SPCA brought in the rats, it was also flooded with kittens. But as the organization mentioned, they too have all found forever homes.


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