How to catch a crocodile using a garbage bin

This is not something you should try at home, unless you’re a highly-trained army veteran like  Eugene Bozzi.

Bozzi, a military vet has become a social media hero after he used a garbage bin to successfully fend off and capture a crocodile in his garden in Florida.

It provides more suspense than anything else seen on social media lately. The one-minute long nail-biting video shows Bozzi with an open lid of a trash container and a 6-foot crocodile in a standoff.

With military precision, and frankly, awe-inspiring focus and calm, Bozzi inches closer to the crocodile using the bin both as a shield and as a weapon.

A crowd gathers around him to watch. Bozzi asks for someone to watch to see if the crocodile is going around the side as he can’t see where the crocodile is.

The bin inches towards to the crocodile as it backs up and hisses. Finally, Bozzi is able to get the crocodile’s head inside the bin and upends the container with the crocodile flails. As everyone around him applauds, he heaves the bin upright and the crocodile is trapped inside.

He then releases the crocodile into a nearby river.

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