Passenger filmed plucking and eating raw bird on Montreal subway explains actions

A twist to the bizarre story from Montreal that made headlines around the world, even the BBC.

A passenger on the Montreal subway filmed a woman and fellow passengers reactions when it appeared the woman was plucking a bird she had in a plastic bag and consuming it.

But the woman, who identified herself on Facebook as Christina David, a proud Nunavut born resident now living in Montreal, said she wasn’t eating the bird.

Nunatsiaq News, based in Iqaluit, Nunavut, was the first to report that David posted on Facebook giving her version of the events.

It’s not like we get to eat our country food every day…I was so happy that I didn’t care where I was at the moment but all I have to say is that I ain’t crazy”

After the Youtube video was posted, Montreal police got involved. According to CBC News, passengers were disturbed that it appeared David was plucking and eating a piece of the animal. The CBC reported Const. Manuel Couture said police were looking for the woman because of concerns she had a mental issue:

She was eating a raw bird inside the train and there’s people that were disgusted by this incident.”

Later in a phone interview with the CBC, David said it was rare for her to eat food that she gets up North.

Calling herself a “real Inuk for ever” David said she couldn’t wait to enjoy her meal and get home to put the bird in a “big pan with onions and mushrooms.”






h/t:, CBC Montreal

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