Kids rescue abused animals, nurse them back to health

Chase, a quarter horse, was seized months ago from a rural property in Clearwater, B.C. was abused by his owners.

The SPCA is investigating numerous reports of abuse and charges of animal cruelty are pending in the case.

But thanks to SALI’s Farm, a children and animal’s charity, Chase is on  the mend, thanks to a group of kids who were themselves at risk.

The charity is a safe haven for kids and rescued farm animals to bond, learn and heal with one another.

Chase arrived at the farm on March 27. Since then, two groups of children from Surrey came out weekly to care for Chase and other animals at the farm.

They fed him a high calorie/high nutrient supplement to help the horse gain weight.

It’s working: Today, Chase has gained nearly 100 pounds and was out of danger and can soon be weaned off supplements.

Seeing the physical and mental transformation of Chase has helped the kids themselves. They take pride in their contribution to his recovery, according to Keryn Denroche, founder and executive director of SALI.

Chase was quickly won over by the kindness and gentleness of our children and SALI volunteers and we are all in total love with this guy. We are so thrilled that we had the opportunity to offer a safe home to Chase for the rest of his life. And Badger [SALI’s first rescue horse] now has a 4-legged friend that will always be by his side.”

The public will have an opportunity to meet Chase and his farm family at SALI’s annual fundraiser, the Black Tails & Boots Gala, onSeptember 13, 2014.
The Gala will raise money for the Farm program including Chase’s care, which has totalled $2,300 over the past 3 months. The Gala will feature a gourmet dinner showcasing locally sourced food, a hayride, live music, cocktails, and photos with SALI’s four-legged therapists.
For more information and tickets, visit

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