Kim Jong Un visits goats bred to feed North Korea troops

This guy’s face always creeps us out a little. His proximity to critters worries us.

In this recent story and photo op, the North Korea leader Kim Jong Un is touring a breeding facility for goats.

The goats, apparently, are bred specifically to feed his troops.

While details are scant as to how many soldiers there are in the North Korean army, it’s known that the country is heavily militarized.

Estimates range from 700,000 to 1.1 million active soldiers are in the North Korea military. 

In this story from the Daily Mail, Kim Jong Un is visiting Breeding Station 621, a research centre which raises grass-fed livestock over a 15 kilometre habitat.

The shift over to grass-fed livestock was a deliberate attempt by Kim Jong Un’s dictatorship to reduce the raising of poultry and pigs which are heavily dependent on grain. There is believed to be a major grain shortage in North Korea.

Radio Free Asia reported that North Korea had attempted a similar shift back in 2011 but the move towards goats and rabbits, which can be fed grass, failed because there was not enough grass to feed the goats and rabbits were eaten before they could breed. (Hmmm, don’t rabbits breed like crazy?)

That directive from Kim Jong Un led to country-wide slaughtering of chickens and pigs and replacing the livestock with goats instead.

Photo credit: AAP

h/t: Radio Free Asia, Daily Mail 



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