FAVE POST: Leave a sheep and a goat alone and this is what happens

It’s a GEEP.

Farmer Paddy Murphy in County Kildare in Ireland is the proud owner of a hybrid animal that is part goat and part sheep.

The unexpected arrival is thought to be the result of mating between a goat and one of the sheep farmer’s Cheviot ewes.

Murphy says he’s assuming that the ewe and goat got together.

And here we are five months later and this is what happened when you leave a goat and a sheep alone. 

The progeny has no name yet and Murphy says it’s fast as a deer.

Goats and sheeps don’t normally breed shoats/geeps because of a genetic mismatch between the two species. Sheep have 54 chromosomes and goats have 60. Most goat-sheep unions end with stillborns. Murphy told the Irish Farmers’ journal that the sheep/goat progeny doesn’t look like either of its parents.

He looks like a goat, trapped in a lamb’s body”

h/t: BBC

h/t: Irish Farmers Journal


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