Meatless Monday: 10 dead in Cambodia after eating rotten dog meat

An elderly man in a Cambodia village who cooked, ate and served rotten dog meat to his family has died of food poisoning and several other members of his family were also killed after eating the toxic meat.

And in a macabre twist, villagers who came to the man’s funeral the next day and ate the leftover dog flesh have also died or taken seriously ill.

Ten people are now reported dead and another two dozen fell ill after consuming the dog.

Local police chief  Kong Kimny of the village in eastern Kratie province confirmed the deaths which happened last week in an interview with Xinhua.

“An old man, his daughter-in-law and their female-neighbour died on Sunday morning, hours after they ate a toxic dog meat delicacy.

The man had bought the contaminated carcass from the market to cook for food.

The other villagers got sick after eating the leftovers.

“They did not know that the trio died of eating the contaminated dog meat, so they also ate the meat and subsequently fell ill hours later,” he said.

Six people died earlier in the week after eating the barbecued carcass of a dog believed to have been found by a roadside.

Four others from the same remote village in the Kratié (or Kraches) province in the northeast of the country later died after consuming the meat as well as drinking rice wine on Tuesday.

The deaths are in region of Cambodia where canines are regarded as a delicacy.

h/t: Xinhua


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