Meatless Monday: Moby’s bold tattoos promoting animal rights grabs attention

Just one month after inking in the phrase Animal Rights as a tattoo, artist Moby has gone one step further.

Over the weekend, he showed off on Instagram that the lettering he tattooed on his arms have now been bolded in.

“I thought it was time to fill in my arm tattoos,” he said.

Last November, to commemorate 32 years of being a vegan, Moby posted a photo of his Animal Rights tattoo which he had inked on his two arms.

He already has a Vegan for Life tattoo on his neck.


His newly filled-in Animal Rights tattoo has so far received nearly 38,000 likes from his IG followers.

Moby also has an inking on the back of his neck which reads: “Thou shalt not kill”.


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