Missing cat found living (it up) in pet food warehouse and feasting

When Clive the cat disappeared from his home in October 2014, his owners Tanya and Jonathan Irons put up posters and appealed on social media for help.

They thought that he was gone forever when he wasn’t located after 16 months.

But recently, about two miles away from their home in Toton, Nottinghamshire, staff at a pet food warehouse noticed their alarms were being triggered off at night.

The culprit? Clive, a Norwegian Forest cat, who found himself a new home inside the Kennelgate Pet Superstores warehouse.

When staff finally located Clive, the missing cat was reunited with his family.

The owners got back a bit more cat than the one that had left a year and a half ago.

The time in the pet store warehouse gave Clive access, it would appear, to an all-you-can-eat buffet. He returned home a lot more porky, according to Tanya Irons.



h/t: BBC

Photo credit: Mirror

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