Oh, deer: Too hot in the hot tub for a wayward doe in Florida

Stumbling out of a hot tub maybe familiar to some of us, but for police in Florida being called to rescuing deer lodged in an outdoor spa.

Mike Wyers called the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office in Largo on May 15 after a small doe ran through the pool screen of his Palm Harbor home and fell into his backyard hot tub.

“The deer had apparently been knocked unconscious,” police said in a statement. “He further advised that when the deer regained consciousness, it could not get out of the spa on its own efforts.”

Deputies Tim McTaggert and Kevin Lewis tossed a blanket over the deer’s head to help keep it calm. Then McTaggert held the doe’s head and neck in a stable position for several minutes, until local trapper George Lontakis arrived. Together they hauled the doe out.

The deer looked wobbly at first. “Once out,” police added, “the deer sat for a minute, got its bearings, and ran off into a nearby wooded area.” The residents later thanked officials for their actions.

Photo Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office/YouTube

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