Rally Cat’s future up in the air as St. Louis Cardinals attempt to adopt good luck kitty

Remember Rally Cat of St. Louis?

Of course you do.

He’s the kitten that sprinted on the field during a Cardinals game sparking a rally in grand slam fashion by the hometown team earlier this month.

Also, super cute.

Well, his fate is still in limbo.

The St. Louis Feral Cat Outreach, which currently has custody of the wild kitty, is debating his adoption.

The MLB team would like to take care of the furry fellow.

The Red Birds really are digging cats lately.

But that’s up in the air.

The animal shelter posted this statement to Facebook today.

“Thank you to everyone who has waited so patiently to hear about Rally Cat. Although he is truly a special little guy, we are committed to treating him the same way we’d treat any cat – and that means putting his best interests first.”

Rally Cat even has a lawyer.

The Riverfront Times has the latest on the tug-of-love over the homeless cat.

The cat, meanwhile, is focused on getting healthy.

“Rally cat has officially been cleared of quarantine by our vet! He still only weighs a little more than a pound so he is currently on prescription high calorie food to help him gain some weight,” the shelter recently updated.”

“Rally Cat is still too small to receive his vaccinations / neuter and he is being monitored closely in a foster home. Our vet will continue keeping a close eye on him over the next couple weeks. ❤️”

Photos St. Louis Feral Cat Outreach/Facebook

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