Oil-covered puffin rescued off English coast

An oil-doused puffin is now being cared for by animal welfare workers after being scooped up along the English coast.

The RSPCA said Monday it hatched a rescue plan to save the troubled puffin that was found in a somewhat helpless state along in Northumberland.

“We received a call after this little cutie was spotted close to the tideline and contaminated by oil!” the RSPCA said on social media.

They puffin was contaminated with oil. Photo: RSPCA/Facebook

One of its rescue workers ran down to the Northumberland beach and whisked the bird to its East Winch Wildlife Centre “for a clean-up and some TLC!”

The bird will eventually be returned back to the wild.

The puffin will be cleaned up and returned to the wild. Photo: RSPCA/Facebook

The puffin will be sitting pretty soon enough.

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