Orlando Fire Department rescues dogs, kittens, even bobcats

These Florida firefighters have very big hearts.

The Orlando Fire Department has a long history of saving all creatures great and small.

Like this kitten, trapped under the hood of the owner’s car engine.

Or, this dog saved from a burning home.

The pooch, named Miracle, is now homeless like its human family.

The department all took in this injured dog.

It was dropped off by its owner.

And now, taken in by a firefighter.

Firefighters are only to happy to help.

But, and it’s a big reminder.

“Emphasis on fire stations not being an animal drop off locations,” the department says.

Still, someone recently found this baby bobcat.

And figured fire crews would know what to do.

The baby was dropped off at Orlando Station 7 on April 25 by a man who thought it was a baby “cheetah.”

“Station 7 C-shift crews were working on finding it a home when they started googling ‘baby cheetah’, and realized the kitten had bobcat similarities,” the department explains.

They sent photos to the Back to Nature Wildlife Refuge and Education Center.

That’s when the administrative manager drove over to the station and confirmed it is an approximately 2-week-old female bobcat.

“The refuge is now nursing the cub,” fire officials said. “Great investigative work by our crews.”

Also, the kitten is so very cute.

And it will be released back to the wild in a few months.

Photos Orlando Fire Department/Facebook

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