Peak Canada: Busy beaver stops traffic on way to build a dam

Dr. Samantha Brennan was returning from a trip to eastern Ontario when she came upon one very busy — and oblivious — beaver.

The University of Guelph’s Dean of the College of Arts tweeted a short video of an industrious beaver lugging a huge tree branch to wherever beavers take such wares.

“On the way home from Frontenac Provincial Park we encountered the most Canadian traffic jam ever,” Brennan wrote Monday of her drive back from the park north of Kingston.

“Cars stopped so that a beaver could drag a tree branch across the road,” she said.

As you do.

Beaver takes its time crossing the road. Photo: Samantha Brennan/Twitter

The seven-second video is mesmerizing.

The video was posted on Monday and quickly racked up views and comments.

Some people noticed the white SUV that cruised on by.

But it seemed the beaver was being, well, stereotypically polite and didn’t want to hold up drivers, according to Brennan.

Naturally, the comments were top shelf.

The scene couldn’t be much more Canadian.

And folks couldn’t resist a joke.

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