“Perilous hoarding” sees rescue of more than 300 cats from Toronto apartment

Just how it got this bad isn’t clear.

But animal welfare workers pulled hundreds of cats from an apartment in Toronto over the weekend.

Toronto Cat Rescue and Toronto Animal Services described it as a “perilous hoarding situation” involving more than 300 cats and kittens. The animals have now been taken to foster homes.

“This is the second large cat hoarding situation we have been involved with in a month!” Toronto Cat Rescue posted on social media Sunday. “It’s very important that this NOT continue. It’s a terrible way for cats to live.”

Toronto allows a maximum of six cats in one home.

“If you know that someone has too many cats, it is best to report it sooner rather than later,” Toronto Cat Rescue added.  “Unsterilized cats breed prolifically, and with only a nine week gestation things get out of control VERY quickly.”

The cats are now being assessed. They’ll be treated, vaccinated and spayed or neutered.

Then, they’ll be posted for adoption.

Photo Toronto Cat Rescue/Facebook

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