Raju the elephant update: Kicking back and enjoying his new pool

Our favourite rescue elephant is living the good life he so rightfully deserves after a lifetime in chains and forced to work for a number of villainous owners.

Raju was born in the wild almost 50 years ago and was caught as a baby elephant. He spent decades in chains working as a beggar elephant and forced to pose for pictures and give rides to tourists.

On July 4th, the rescue organization Wildlife SOS conducted a daring rescue of Raju and removed his spiked chains.

At the elephant sanctuary, Raju took months to recovery. During that time, the rescue organization and Raju’s previous owner battled it out in court as the owner tried to reclaim the elephant.

But now a court has ruled that Raju doesn’t have to go back to his owner.

To celebrate, the pachyderm got his first swim in his own pool.


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