Ricky Gervais takes fire on giraffe hunters

April 22 Earth Day update below.


Comedian Ricky Gervais is once again using social media to take down the trophy hunting set. Over the weekend, he went after a female hunter who shot a giraffe, and seemed pleased with her kill.


And now, he’s posted another snap of a happy female hunter.

Of course, his latest post is also catching fire on Twitter and enraging animals lovers.

The noted animal welfare activist has previously taken on celebrity outdoors woman Melissa Bachman,  also known as the “hardcore huntress,” for hunting for sport.

On April 22, Earth Day, he took to Facebook to once again take aim at the trophy hunters. Be warned, there’s some foul language below.

“I’m sick of Trophy Hunters trying to excuse their grim sport by saying they provide a service. They exploit the needs of the poor. They pay lots of money to go and shoot a magnificent animal because the authorities need the cash, and then claim they are doing a good deed. It’s not a good deed. Those authorities would rather have the money AND the animal still alive but they can’t afford to. So they’re forced to take money from rich psychopaths who get their cheap fucking thrills from shooting a giraffe or elephant in the head. If they were providing a service THEY would be the ones being paid. Imagine a vet paying you to put down your dog and then taking a selfie next to the corpse. And as for “the money goes to saving there remaining animals”..Oh dear. Where will it end? Can you pay more to kill the leopard with a hammer if that’s your perversion? They’re already killing with bows and arrows for fucks sake. And would we allow some billionaire sicko to shoot one cancer patient if he gave a million dollars to cancer research? No. Of course we fucking wouldn’t. If they really wanted to do a good deed they would donate the money, and NOT shoot the animal. They would be heroes then. As opposed to murdering scum.”

Within hours, close to 100,000 people clicked the “like” button and almost 15,000 people shared his missive.

Photo Ricky Gervais/Facebook

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