Shark swallowed whole by big fish

Stunned fishermen in Florida were shocked when they witnessed a big fish eating a shark.

The video shows fishing captain John Brossard and his crew trying to reel in a small shark off the coast of Goodland in Florida, U.S

The fishermen noticed the three ominous dark shadows belonging to Atlantic Goliath groupers lurking beneath their catch.

Suddenly, one soars up to the surface and swallows the shark in one gulp.

Brossard said they saw the fish swim off with its prey and breaks their line.

“Basically we were shark fishing when all of a sudden two or three goliath groupers started hanging out under the boat waiting for our catch to come in,” he recalled.

“We were just thinking ‘wow, unbelievable! Something is going to eat a shark and it’s bigger than a shark.’

We were using a 50-pound test line and that was not enough.”

Brossard said the prey was a blacknose shark, estimated to be three feet in length.

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