Smart swallows use motion detectors to open doors

University of Victoria employee Grant Hughes noticed something odd a few weeks ago while locking up his bike at the campus’ Bike Centre.

He heard the door opening but no one came through. That’s when he noticed swallows coming through.

Hughes, an amateur photographer, used his camera to capture a number of instances where the birds fly in after triggering the motion sensor doors. Birds have been nesting in the underground parkade for years.

But is this luck or genuine smarty-pants behaviour on behalf of the barn swallows. Check out Hughes’ Youtube video below, it’s already generated half a million hits.

It does look like the swallows are flying towards the motion sensor and then flying back to go through the door.

Yet what the video shows could also be something else. The birds try to get in, can’t, accidentally trigger the motion sensors and then fly through.

What do you think?


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