Snow Day for the red pandas at the Cincinatti Zoo.

Every Friday when there’s snow on the ground is happy hour for the Cincinatti Zoo’s red pandas.

Whatever you’re doing right now, these red pandas are having a much better time than you are.

These critters look suspiciously like raccoons, you’re thinking. Others call them a fire fox, shining cat, cloud bear or a Himalayan raccoon.

But while they are similar in characteristic and appearance to raccoons and bears, the red pandas, which live in trees and munch on bamboo, are a family of its own.

They’re great climbers and good jumpers clearing distances of up to five feet.

Judging by how much fun they’re having in the snow, all that climbing and jumping show these critters are happy snow creatures.

At one point in the video, it appears one of the red pandas are making snow angels.


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