Snowy owl goes for unscheduled ride in front grill of SUV

Tahoe is one lucky Snowy Owl.

The wide-eyed bird was so-named after finding itself lodged in the front grill of a Chevrolet Tahoe on the Canadian prairie.

The driver was travelling south of Regina on Dec. 28 when an owl swooped in front and straight into her SUV. Naturally, she assumed the worst and stopped to check out the damage. That’s when Salthaven West got the call.

“There was damage alright – and a Snowy Owl to prove it! Snowy’s are the heaviest owl in North America so it’s not surprising he caused so much damage,” the non-profit animal rehab organization in Regina posted on Facebook after the accident.

Clearly, this is no place for an owl.

Snowy owl is trapped in the grill of an SUV. Salthaven West/Facebook

The group’s director, Megan Lawrence, carefully removed the owl from its peculiar perch.

It was clear, the bird was suffering from severe head trauma as well as a wing injury.

Snowy owl rescued. Salthaven West/Facebook

The owl was whisked to the Animal Clinic of Regina, which confirmed a fractured wing. 

Ouch. Salthaven West/Facebook

And treated the injury.

One bandaged for a banged up bird. Salthaven West/Facebook

The first 48 hours were critical for the severely concussed owl.

Today, Tahoe is doing remarkably well – chirping away, in fact.

“We changed his bandage again last night and the wing is feeling stable and the swelling has gone down. He is alert and becoming more active, and increasingly interested in food however is not yet eating on his own,” Salthaven said in an update Saturday.

Here’s looking at you, kid.

Tahoe is on the mend after a harrowing car ride. Salthaven West/Facebook

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