Virginia the Pig: Not quite a dog, but pretty close

This is Virginia. Virginia the Pig. She does not, according to her latest video posted on YouTube, feel like cuddling. Instead, she is Virginia the “grumble pig.” More than 800,000 people who have clicked on that video seem to agree.

Virginia, like every celebrity critter these days, has a number of other interesting videos uploaded to YouTube. She lives in Colorado, where she is potty trained. Her owner also created the channel to share videos of her Juliana pig, who has “a very special relationship with her boxer brother and sister.”


Like this “awkward” threesome.

And, this video of Virginia returning the licks.

And then there’s this. Virginia standing under a large dog and pawing at a pillow.

There’s also reacting to toothbrushing for the first time.

Photos Virginia the Pig/YouTube

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