WATCH: How does dirt taste to a baby kangaroo?

A curious baby kangaroo put dirt in its mouth and judged it to be…blah.

San Antonio Zoological Society posted the video on their official Twitter page. They also shared a simple but funny caption.

They explained that the video shows the expressions of a baby kangaroo. “Pyrite’s joey got some dirt in his mouth and had quite the reaction,” they tweeted along with a few laughing out loud emoticons.

The video opens to show the joey standing in its enclosure. Within moments, he licks some dirt off the ground. Take a look at the video to see what happens next and how he reacts:

Since the video was shared on social media, the clip has accumulated more than 1,200 views and counting. The post has also prompted people to share various comments.

“Gee how did I get this stuff in my mouth,” joked a Twitter user. “Yeah that’s about what I do when I get dirt in my mouth,” wrote another.

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