Bear takes time from fishing to look through photog’s camera

Photographer Jim Lawrence aspires to crystallize the character of the wildlife, birds and landscapes he encounters.

The Kaslo, B.C.-based photographer believes strongly that a high quality photo has to show the character of the subject and hint at what the photographer feels when creating the composition.

We’re pretty sure we get a sense of the character of this bear that eyed Lawrence’s camera: curious and inquisitive.

Lawrence’s photo of the bear studying his camera is making the rounds in social media. For good reason. It’s a remarkable picture, capturing a moment when a bear sees something new and decides to figure it out.

On his website, Kootenay Reflections, Lawrence writes that he hopes to convey the wonder  he feels while composing images and the folly of trying to steward something we can never fully understand.

Rather than focus on environmental losses, however, Lawrence writes he strives to captures the hidden mystery and magic in nature.

A humble field mouse can engender affection and admiration, a magnificent grizzly can instill awe and respect, a heron can evoke reverence for the inestimable beauty and mysteries of nature.

His passion is to share moments with wild creatures in the hope that others will become aware of the intense beauty and magnificence of nature.

In the above photo, titled The Other Wildlife Photographer, Lawrence wrote that the bear wanted to know what he was doing.

The big fellow took time out from fishing to see what I found so interesting in the back of the camera. He thoughtfully studied the many buttons and screen for the longest time.


h/t: Kootenay Reflections


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