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August 31, 2020, No comments

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk’s neuroscience startup Neuralink on Friday unveiled a pig that has had a coin-sized computer chip in its brain for two months. Gertrude, as Musk calls the […]

Meatless Monday: KFC suspends slogan Finger Lickin Good to reflect new coronavirus reality

August 31, 2020, No comments

KFC has decided to suspend its finger licking good slogan because touching your own face, even if it’s to lick your own fingers, probably isn ...

Ever see 64,000 turtles ready to hatch at once?

June 13, 2020, No comments

Drone footages captures 64,000 green turtles waiting to hatch on Raine Island in Australia's Great Barrier Reef.

Disturbing find after decapitated kangaroo found in regional park

February 13, 2020, No comments

A kangaroo has been found decapitated by a local resident in a Perth suburban park in Australia. Resident Daniel Lizzi found the decapitated animal at ...