Four pigs, two seals making the rounds recently in PEI safely rounded up by RCMP

It sounds like the first line of a walks-into-a-bar joke, but RCMP in Prince Edward Island recently found themselves faced with three separate animal complaints involving two seals and four pigs.

On Feb. 9, Mounties got several calls about something “fishy” going on with a baby seal causing an evening traffic tie-up.

“Eyewitnesses reported that the mischievous baby seal had waddled onto the road, where it proceeded to engage in a game of ‘why did the seal try to cross the road’ right in the middle of Murray Harbour rush hour,” Cpl. Gavin Moore said in statement.

Officers found the baby seal halfway across the road. It was “agitated and uncooperative,” police said but eventually they got it to some safer scenery.

“It was a slippery situation, but we got ’em back to the water in no time,” one officer said, adding “they were happy to have earned a new seal of approval.”

Poor little seal needed help finding its way home. Photo: RCMP

A few hours later, another lone baby seal was spotted on Route 107 at Beach Point, presumably also heading to Murray Harbour.

By this point, the officers were “experienced seal wranglers” and were quick to secure and release the animal.

“I guess you could say this seal was just looking for a ride to the beach,” one officer laughed.

Two days later, on Feb. 11, RCMP received a call from Wilmot Valley about four escaped pigs.

This time an officer found himself playing “piggy tag” as he cornered the little squeakers and escorted them back to their barn.

“It was a real ‘ham’-dful, but we managed to bring home the bacon, so to speak,” the officer joked.

As funny as this all is, police also reminded Islanders to call for help if they encounter animals, which are a hazard on PEI roads.

It also once again shows, Mounties always get their man, er, seal and pigs.

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