Charging bison gores owner, injures sheriff deputy in Kansas

Authorities in Kansas say the owner of a bison was found gored to death the day after a sheriff’s deputy was injured by the animal.

Scott Schroeder, of Bushton, was found dead in a pen by his aunt who called 911 Monday.

Schroeder was the owner of more than 20 bison, according to the Ellsworth County Sheriff’s Office.

The day before, on Sunday, the local sheriff department received a call about a buffalo on the highway.

A deputy was dispatched to the area where he found the animal and attempted to get it to return to a pasture when the buffalo suddenly charged him, seriously injuring the deputy.

The deputy was transported by Claflin EMS to the Ellsworth County Medical Center and later, to Salina Regional Health Center.

On Monday morning, the body of Schroeder was found in the pen. The deputy that was injured the night before was approximately ¼ of a mile south of where the deceased body was found, according to the sheriff’s office.

The coroner’s preliminary cause of death, pending an autopsy, is that Schroeder, 56, had been gored by an animal.

The deputy underwent surgery and is now in stable condition. The buffalo was put down when it appeared that it was preparing to charge at the down deputy.

Both incidents are still under investigation.

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