First Bornean orangutan in 25 years born at The Smithsonian’s National Zoo.

Meet Redd, the first baby Bornean orangutan born at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo in 25 years.

Redd, a male infant, was born Sept 12 to to 19-year old mother Batang and 19-year-old father Kyle.

Zoo staff have selected the name “Redd” for the male infant; orangutans are known as the “red ape.”

For now, Batang and Redd still choose to spend the majority of their time resting behind-the-scenes.

To help Batang transition back into her normal routine, keepers have scattered some of Batang’s favorite foods around the public exhibit for enrichment, as well as piles of hay and fleece blankets for nesting materials.

Using the materials, Batang built a nest close to the door of Bonnie and Kyle’s enclosure, and the two took turns looking at Redd.


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