A heartbreaking Mother’s Day critters tale

Hope you’re all enjoying Mother’s Day out there.

This is a heartbreaking critter’s tale from Indonesia. Wildlife photographer Andrew Walmsley took a series of photographs of a female Macaque monkey after her newborn baby died.

The Tangkoko Nature Reserve in Sulawesi island on Indonesia is a reserve that includes three mountains. It includes three mountains and is a sanctuary for Macaque monkey. Despite being a critically endangered species, the Macque monkey remains hunted for meat.

Walmsley, the photographer, observed the mother spending days looking at her baby, who had passed away just a few weeks after its birth.

She holds the dead baby tightly against her chest, grooming and sniffing at it and gazing mournfully.

At one point, a male Macque comes by and tries to touch the baby and the mother grabs the other adult male’s wrist and won’t let him touch the dead monkey. macque fends off

Walmsley, from Oxford, said it was hard to watch the mother’s grief.

We were with her for about an hour, just sitting there watching her. It is a mother whose child has died, it’s almost irrelevant what species it is. Occasionally she would actually hug him, groom him slowly then return to cradling him between her legs.

Walmsley told the Daily Mail that watching the mother grieve for her dead child, he realized there’s little difference between us and them when that kind of behaviour emerges.

h/t: Daily Mail 


Photo credit: Andrew Walmsley

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