Meatless Monday: Swedish jockey defends eating her own horse after horse put down following injury

Amateur horse racer Helena Ståhl thought it was perfectly reasonable to save and eat the meat of her beloved horse Iffy Mant after the animal was severely injured and veterinarians advised her it was time to put the animal down.

But her actions, which she posted on Facebook, has sparked a debate across Sweden.261367_10208166008493915_8555113118623565565_n

The jockey said she didn’t hesitate about what to do:

“For me there were no alternatives since I think the meat industry is going in the wrong direction, and to eat an animal that had a good life felt right for me. I told my mother that if I could not eat meat from an animal that had a good life, I will never eat meat again,” Ståhl told The Local.

The 24-year-old competes in harness racing, a sport which sees riders compete at a set pace while pulling along a cart and earns her living as a horse groomer and carer.

On Swedish tabloid Expressen’s Facebook page one commentator posted:

“Weird girl! How the hell can you be like that? She should have shown respect and gratitude towards everything the poor horse has done for her. But she probably could not afford to cremate or bury or let the slaughter house take care of it.”77186_10200981919296175_820034114_n

Another commentator wrote:

“You don’t eat your friend, regardless if it is a dog, cat, horse or human.. Who’s next?”

Ståhl said the reaction she received was unexpected. She explained in her Facebook post that she cared for her horse, had taken care of it and that she thought it was odd that people would react so adamantly to her decision.

Some reflections about the last few days. When Expressen called and wanted to ask a few questions, I thought that a small item on their website could not hurt. It was much bigger than that. Yesterday, I was completely flooded with calls from journalists who wanted to talk to me. I will admit that I was really uncomfortable when Frida called and said I was the headlines. Reflections went, maybe it was time to turn off the cell phone. Dried I really with all this?

I decided that the ball was already rolling. Should it be might as well be securely. Now it’s about something important, and then I am allowed to bite the bullet and fight! I know Iffy always did for me!

Have tried to read all the comments, but I feel like I have so far only had time for a fraction. Thanks to all of you who have heard of you and supported! I wish I could answer every single comment.

It surprises me a lot how unusual it seems. Even journalists sounds shocked. I find it inconceivable that end up on the run of eating a fine meat from an animal that had it good. Think that they would rather stand at the meat counter at the supermarket and write about those who buy the cheapest pork tenderloin.

As I said in a few interviews. We must understand that Iffy and other animals we eat are dead. It is about how we take care of the animals as they live, not what we do with them then!

Then I would hope that some think about how you sound to each other on the Internet. This applies to any page you may be in the debate. We must respect that everyone thinks different and hope everyone thinks, and acts according to what they think is best.

Thanks again to all who spread this. I do not know if Iffy is somewhere out there, but she does so, she is probably the luckiest girl right now. She whinnied always highest in the morning and pined for attention.

One of the jockey’s friend posted:

I’m a hypocrite!
My client and good friend Helena Ståhl have a thundering existence right now because of the debate in the media, because she has given his best friend iffy mant a purpose after this life and become food on the table.
I can vouch for that iffy was a personality, but its equal, loved and cared for equivalent a lapdog and more beautiful than no one else.
Sadly, she had a bone decalcification in a framknä that put an end to her racing and a big question mark regarding her welfare in general. After Helena chosen to remove iffy, she called me a little later and asked if I wanted some meat. I which is normally supernoga with which the meat I eat said no. It took to eat meat from an individual who I have treated so many times and cared about through the years.
What hypocrisy.
When I eat meat I eat only game or the cows nästgårds because I know that they had a good weekend. Exactly the same as Helena’s racehorse actually for iffy have certainly lived a good life. But it ementionella got in the way. What I want to say is:
Hejja Helena I think you’ve done absolutely right! I hope that I myself and others to take after!

h/t: The Local

Photo credit: Facebook Helena Stahl 

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